January 16, 2019
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Restore Coral is honored to announce our latest strategic liaison and partnership, Stephen Rodan from the Great Barrier Reef Alliance, an amazing human being that we meet in Tulum and found out that we had the same strategic thinking on how social innovation and global emerging technologies must be implemented to achieve the SDG14, today we begin the implementation of this partnership with the one and only Germán Méndez from the Cozumel Coral Restoration Program



Go to National Geographic Open Explorer to see our alliance.


"Restore Coral, is the integration of the latest assisted coral reproduction techniques and coral reef technology with a scalable market based solution that allows Academia, Civic Society, Private & Public Sectors to participate and collaborate on the coral restoration of the Mayan Reef.


By engaging these sectors through a Reef Alliance for the purpose of replanting corals we can achieve the following:

  • New stock of biodiverse Corals for the already naturally protected areas.
  • Research and education of the best methods of replanting coral.
  • Development of emerging technologies such as robotics and A.I for the landscaping of marine ecosystems on an industrial scale.
  • A Coral resilience program that includes cryogenization and coral genomes R&D with the goal of ocean geo-engineering.
  • The spread of this coral farming knowledge around the world.
  • Participation of universities and students for coral restoration in professional practices.
  • Local communities participating in the construction of coral farms and artificial coral reefs.
  • The creation of cooperatives responsible for taking drivers to underwater farms.
  • An educational and transformations experience for tourists."


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